Miscanthus Horse Bedding

What is Miscanthus?

Miscanthus CropMiscanthus is a tall perennial grass that has been evaluated in Europe during the past 5-10 years as a new bio-diverse crop. It is sometimes confused with elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) and has been called both "elephant grass" and "E-grass". Most of the Miscanthus cultivars proposed as a commercial crop in Europe are sterile hybrids (Miscanthus x giganteus) which originated in Japan. A number of ornamental varieties of Miscanthus are also known to exist under various common names. Miscanthus can be harvested every year with a forage harvester and can be grown in a cool climate like that of northern Europe. Like other bio-diverse crops, the harvested stems of Miscanthus may be used for many purposes such as fuel for production of heat and electric power, animal bedding or mulch or for conversion to other useful products such as ethanol.

PRICE: £7.00/bag including VAT - Purchase from Burrelow Farm

An Environmentally Sustainable Crop Grown Locally

Miscanthus is grown on our own farm here at Newton. No pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used on established cane crops. Miscanthus is harvested in spring when cane is ripe with a low moisture content and chopped which causes the cane to fractionate. Due to the woody nature of Miscanthus the dust content is naturally low. Particles of dust created during harvesting are removed during the packaging making it an ideal product for Horse bedding.

How to use Miscanthus Horse Bedding

  • Use as a deep litter (initially 8-10 bales) in a standard stable    
  • It may be necessary to sprinkle Miscanthus lightly with clean water. This helps prevent the bedding moving when the horse lies on it for the first time. Water should be used sparingly
  • Only remove wet patches and droppings (this is what makes Miscanthus so economical). Do this regularly as good housekeeping.
  • Top up as necessary.

Burrelow Farm Miscanthus BaggedMiscanthus horse bedding is becoming well known here in the South West, for its considerable beneficial qualities, also appropriately grown & packaged locally in easy to handle bags, marketed under the name BURLERROW FARM MISCANTHUS HORSE BEDDING, making it readily available for use. This biodegradable product is extremely absorbent, dust free & has a pleasant fresh smell and will even absorb odors superbly therefore reducing insect problems. When you have finished with it in the stable it makes a superb soil improving garden mulch. Available now at PRJ Engineering Ltd.

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